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To date PhoenixNet have been involved in many projects which have opened and prospered, as well as some which are unfortunately not longer around.

However one of our most exciting projects to date is without a doubt Interstellar War Fleet Battles.

Interstellar War is a free to play online multi-player game of tactical space conflict. Requiring only a web browser this exciting game can be played on a PC/Laptop, tablet or even a phone.
As long as your device has a browser you should be able to access the game from anywhere.

Unlike a lot of games Interstellar War isn't incredibly fast paced. A "tick" (movement tick) occurs every 15 seconds which makes you move however you can fire, repair, cloak (if your ship can) or engage hyperdrive any time.




A Brief Overview:

On the left we have your character name, the ship you are currently targetting, its distance from you, whom (if anyone) is currenlty piloting or "Commanding" it, its rank & size, the faction to which it belongs, the option to intercept it and the guns you can fire.

The centre screen is where the magic happens, this is where you see all NPC's and players in the system, as well as planets, asteroids, starbases and a few other little goodies.

Right right is your ship, what it is, repair/cloak options, health/shield bars. Your location, hull integrity (this is tied to the health bar), shield integrity (this is tied to the shield bar), cargo capacity, your powernet (how much power you're using vs how much your ship has) and the speed at which your vessel can travel.
Under this you have your short range scanners, which show you everything within a certain range, your ships systems such as shields, weapons, cloaks, etc and your crew, aka who is on the ship with you.

This only scratched the surface of the game but we would highly recommend that you give it a go HERE.
You can see why we here at PhoenixNet Group are excited about this project.