Prey Munch


One of our biggest clients with whom we work the most is PreyMunch.

PreyMunch offer 100% natural treats for dogs, and in time will be expanding to other animals.
We have personally tried their products on our pets and let us just say, our pets now refuse to eat normal treats as they are so processed compaed to the product which PreyMunch delivers.

PreyMunch began their journey with us. We set-up a small website for them with a basic theme.
The owner very quickly learned his way around the system, expanding things at a very rapid pace, including both products and the technology behind his website.
PreyMunch is quickly making itself a name as the “Go To” for natural dog treats, quick deliveries as well as fantastically friendly customer service.

We continue to host their site to this day and although it may have changed a lot, they still receieve top quality hosting, almost instant resolution to any issues, as well as frequent security check ups on their site, making sure they stay secure and that no nasties make their way on to our systems.

If you have a dog or know anyone with one, we highly recommend you go to the Prey Munch Website, where you will receieve an introductory offer as a new customer.

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